The tax-free salary bonus for employees.


Your individual payout card for tax-free payments in kind to employees.

Companies are happy to reward successful employees with a salary bonus in recognition of their services. For example, German tax law allows €44 to be paid out to each employee every month as a tax-free payment in kind. As it is prohibited by law to pay out the €44 in cash or to transfer it to an employee’s bank account, fuel vouchers, employee gifts or other such items were previously offered. However, due to different personal preferences, these types of bonuses are not appreciated in equal measure by all employees.

With the Wirecard Employee Benefit Card, companies have new ways to offer their employees cost-efficient salary bonuses. With our Mastercard® or Visa prepaid credit cards, employees can get whatever they need, as they can use the cards as they wish to make payments at points of sale or on e-commerce sites. This improves both both employee retention and the company’s brand presence.



Your employees will be happy to receive a bonus which they can use flexibly, while you will save yourself money.

With the Wirecard Employee Benefit Card, you can add up to €44 per month in Germany to your employee’s card securely and quickly – all with a single click. The funds are transferred to the card in real time, so your employee can then use them directly wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted. You can meet the individual needs of your employees, while also benefiting from potential savings compared to offering a gross salary increase. 


With the Employee Benefit Card you can save money compared to a gross salary increase.


You can make the design of the cards, card holders and card management portal match your corporate theme. This boosts the presence of your company in the market.


The card is easy to manage through the Wirecard Enterprise Portal and your employees benefit from global MasterCard acceptance.


The Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal ensures streamlined processes and high levels of transparency.

The Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal or Wirecard APIs allow you to perform all the required activities conveniently and whenever you wish. Create new cards for your employees, activate and load the cards in real time, and thus benefit from streamlined processes.


The Employee Benefit Card is not only easy to use, but is already ready to use in the blink of an eye. Learn more about the range of benefits now and get in touch with us. You can use Employee Benefit Cards in just a few easy steps.


Simply contact us via the contact form. We will discuss with you your individual setup, prepare and send you all documents to draw up a contract. Once all the required documents have been received and verified, the next step is to open your business account at
Wirecard Bank AG.


Once the account has been opened, simply transfer the amount you want to pay with the cards to your account at Wirecard Bank AG. Now create the cards via the Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal or the APIs. The cards are sent to the company or individually to the employees, depending on the nature of the programme.


You now need to load the cards with the desired amount via the Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal or the APIs. The cards then need to be activated. And that’s it! Your employees can now access their salaries in real time and make payments at all Mastercard® acceptance points.


What is the Wirecard Employee Benefit Card?

With the Wirecard Employee Beneft Card, companies can pay their employees a tax-free salary bonus each month without any complex administrative burden.

How do I add funds to the Employee Benefit Card?

You can conveniently add funds either via the Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal or the APIs. You only need to have wire transfered a sufficient amount of funds to one of the custodial accounts specified by Wirecard Card Solutions.

What amounts can I add to the Employee Benefit Card?

In accordance with the terms of the contract, individual limits are defined for the maximum number of top-ups and corresponding amounts. These limits are specified in your contact documents.

Can the balance on the card expire?

The balance on the card cannot expire. When the card expires, the employee will receive a replacement card. The balance will be automatically transferred to this new card.

Can I return the card balance to my account?

Yes, this is possible. Since the funds on the card belong to you, you may at any time return the card balance to your account.

Can the card also be used abroad?

Yes, the card can also be used abroad. The Employee Benefit Card is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide – wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted.

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The Employee Benefit Card range of services includes various additional services, such as convenient portals for you and your employees for card management, the option to establish an individual corporate design for your cards, and much more.

Customisation options

From the packaging and card design to the account management portal, you can design the Employee Benefit Card according to your own needs.

Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal

You can use the Wirecard Payout Enterprise Portal or the APIs to manage all cards and accounts simply and conveniently and set up administrators.

Wirecard Account Management Portal

Optionally, all of your employees can receive individual access and can view their transactions at any time and easily manage their accounts through the portal.

24-hour service

Do you or your employees have any questions or concerns? You can contact our call centre around the clock to lock your card in case of loss or theft.

Learn more

Simply fill out and submit the contact form. Our sales team will get in touch with you right away and discuss the individual setup of your Employee Benefit Card Programme with you.

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